Rochelle Sharpe has worked as a writing coach for more than a decade, helping edit essays, articles, and books written by everyone from high school students to seasoned physicians. Her clients’ work has been published in such venues as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Foreign Affairs magazine.

Rochelle has worked extensively with high school students, and is ideally-suited to help them write college admissions essays. A journalist and graduate of Yale University, she covered education as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, where she wrote the often-cited article, “Beating the Ivy League Odds.” She interviewed Yale applicants for nearly a decade and has coached students at Brookline High School’s college essay writing workshop in Massachusetts. The mother of a teen-age girl, she understands the pressures high school students are under all too well.

A perceptive interviewer who delights in brainstorming, she can help students choose compelling essay topics that will showcase distinctive facets of their character, talents, or ambitions. Through careful editing and coaching, she can teach students to create essays that will make their applications memorable and help admissions officers see them as much more than a compilation of grades, test scores and extracurricular activities.

Rochelle can shepherd students through the entire writing process or focus on polishing essays, scrutinizing drafts for appropriate grammar, tone, and structure. She can work with students in person or via e-mail or Skype.

She also continues to work with professionals on a wide variety of writing projects. She has helped adults learn how to simplify complicated ideas and present the most incomprehensible information in engaging and interesting ways.

Rochelle has also taught writing workshops for corporate clients and lectured at a series of Storytelling with Data seminars, where she’s helped writers figure out how to harness Big Data and incorporate statistics in their prose.

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